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Addresses the goals and various techniques of cause determination, 面试练习和适当的程序, 如何记录以及记录什么. (2小时).


Identifies and teaches basic anatomy and physiology of the back. Teaches safe lifting techniques, proper body mechanics, how to protect the spine, stretching & 锻炼以防止背部受伤. (1小时).


Required for persons that have the potential of coming in contact with infectious materials (blood & 其他体液). Identifies methods of 接触路线 of various infectious diseases, personal protective 设备 used to prevent 污染. (1小时).
29 CFR 1910.1030


Participants will understand the safety requirements for entering a confined space. 对封闭空间的识别和定义, 危害, 可燃/有毒大气, 氧气浓度, 个人防护装备限制及许可证制度介绍. (1小时)
29 CFR 1910.146


Identifies and describes the positions required to conduct a permit entry, 许可证上需要什么信息, 大气监测设备, 毒理学, 图像的基本单位 & IDLH values, 通风 设备, mechanical lowering/retrieval devices, 沟通 system. (4小时)
29 CFR 1910.146


Provides the required practical exercise utilizing identified mechanical lowering and 检索 设备. Identifies the different types of 设备 used for lowering, 检索, 通风, 监控 and the safety standards this 设备 must meet. 主要的重点是进行参赛, 受害者恢复, 设备熟悉/利用, 沟通, 允许流程文档, 个人防护用品, HazCom, (8小时)29 CFR 1910.146 (k)


American Heart Association standards certified through the American Heart Association  most current  Guidelines through the curricula of the American  Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) and Medic First Aid. 教授基本的生命维持技术, 心肺解剖学, 确定冠状动脉疾病的危险因素 & 预防措施. 教授如何帮助窒息的受害者 & 气道管理. Two levels of certificates available; adult only, adult, child & 婴儿. 本课程也会证明你如何正确使用  自动体外除颤器. (4小时). 29 CFR 1910.151, 266



Identifies the probability of an earthquake in your area, 先采取什么行动, 参与时和之后, 准备程序, 设备, 所需用品和材料. 该做什么不该做什么.


包括触电的原因和预防, 个人防护用品, 基本电气方面, 接地, GFCI的, 管家, 延长线, 安全工作实践, 测量设备. (2小时).
29 CFR 1910.331, 332


紧急干扰系统Review and familiarization of Employers Emergency Response Plan. Covers designated actions employees and employers must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergency situations. Identifies roles and procedures for employees to follow when emergency evacuation is warranted. (2小时)
29 CFR 1910.38


足球押注靠谱的平台手机版下载Provides training to a selected group of employees within a plant or facility for the purpose of responding quickly to identified 危害 present i.e., 医疗急救, 火灾, 有害物质释放的, 地震, 其他确定的危险或紧急情况.
29 CFR 1910.38, 1910.120


Addresses the health effects of working at a desk/work station using a video display terminal (VDT), 眼睛疲劳, 肌肉骨骼问题, 的姿势, 支持. Identifies principals of an ergonomically-correct workstation, 资源, 设备预防策略, 示威活动和锻炼. (1.建议的OSHA标准


Describes the criteria for eye and face protection required when exposed to several different types of 危害, 飞行的粒子, 液体化学物质, 腐蚀产物, 酸, 焦散线, 蒸汽, 粉尘, 辐射光. Identifies approved types of 安全设备 and markings. (1小时).
29 CFR 1910.133年,ANSI Z87.1


Identifies the classes of fire, types of fuel, what elements are needed for combustion to take place. Identifies various types of portable fire extinguishers and their firefighting agents. 工业和家庭消防安全实践. 现场烧伤“手执训练”. (1.5小时)


We provide certification training through the American Heart Association  most current  Guidelines through the curricula of the American  Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) and Medic First Aid. Our instructors have over 15 years of teaching and are very experienced professionals. Our First Aid and CPR staff instructors are Professional Firefighters from around the Bay Area which put on an exciting and very appropriate level of training. (4小时).


标准的评审, the number of accidents caused annually from 足球押注靠谱的平台 operations. Identify the several different types of Industrial Lift Trucks, 操作规程, 报警设备, 负荷限制, 区别就在于汽车, 方向盘和操纵, 叉, 组件, 加油.(1小时)
29 CFR 1910.178

HAZWOPER / HazCom“知情权”

标准的评审, an understanding of basic chemical safety and the 危害 different chemicals possess. 确定化学危害分类, 标牌和贴标系统, 危害的严重性, 物理性质, M.S.D.S.暴露路线,个人防护装备. 员工的安全. (1.5小时)
29 CFR 1920.1200


标识外部组件, 中耳和内耳, 我们听到, 什么是过度噪音, 临时听力损失, 噪音对耳朵的影响, 测试程序, 的预防措施, 安全设备, proper fitting of appropriate hearing protection devices.
29 CFR 1910. 95, (Required for employees who routinely are subjected to noise levels exceeding an 8-hour TWA of 85 dBA).


回顾其目的及为何成为OSHA标准, the number of accidents caused prior to the standard and how they occurred. This standard applies to the control of energy during servicing and/or maintenance of machines and 设备. Identifies energy sources, what and how to isolate them, 设备 used and procedures to follow. Definitions of terms; affected, authorized, and other employees.
29 CFR 1910.147 (Required for those who service and maintain machinery).


OSHA介绍职业安全卫生署的法律和历史, 标识雇主角色和雇员角色, discusses employees’ rights and employer responsibilities.


个人摔落保护设备The leading cause of Death in the General Industry workplace. Any work platform above 4ft Osha requires Fall Protection 个人防护用品. If exposed to Fall Hazards your employer must provide and Train you to meet the Fall Protection Standard. 29 CFR 1910.29, .30, .140


辐射防护Employees subject to Radiation Controlled areas must be trained in the Hazards of Radiation. 包括类型暴露路线,个人防护装备, 理解时间, 距离和屏蔽以及检测设备.
Osha标准(29cfr 1910.1096).

放射学原理的全面概述. 辐射术语和定义, 电离辐射的类型, 曝光, 剂量率, 监控, 污染, 剂量测定法, 个人防护用品. 和校长.
10 CFR 835.902


头戴现代防毒面具的男人-特写标准及其要求的概述. Understanding Medical testing and screening for those who utilize respirators. Identification of various types of respirators and 设备, 使用, 限制, 优势, 缺点, 要求使用. Understanding their 组件, how they work, safety precautions. How to properly maintain, inspect and clean your respirator. (1.5小时).
29 CFR 1910.134


呼吸配合测试Employees required to wear Air Purifying Respirators (APR) must be medically cleared by a Physician and be Fit Tested to ensure a proper seal.
Osha标准29 CFR 1910.134


一滑旅行落下来Falls, Trips and Slips can cause time away from work, severe injury or even death. May include Sprains, strains, bruises, cuts, broken bones, back, head and neck injuries.
Course discusses causal factors, prevention, proper 个人防护用品, surface conditions, wet surfaces, ladders.
Osha标准29 CFR 1910.21-.30, .132年和 .140